idJack is the digital Event Manager & Marketing Pro for modern ticketing, secure access management & smart communication

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What is idJack?

The digital event manager & marketing professional
with fair ticketing and a whole new event experience

With idJack you present your events automatically on the event platform point25 - totally free. With your digital-only tickets, created in seconds, you increase the reach of your events and enhance the event experience of your guests, which are manage contactlessly and easily in a GDPR-compliant manner.

With the idJack marketing tool, you can also bring a marketing professional into the house: idJack gives your visitors a face and provides your intended target audience with precise information.

Create an event experience that is smart & safe. Don't leave your location & your event to chance.
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Why idJack?

The all-rounder that makes your life easier
and your visitors more satisfied

Detailed analysis chart
Detailed analyzes & evaluations provide an overview
Fast communication via push message
Precise marketing & fast communication tailored to your target groups
More security and GDPR-compliant
Security for your guests & GDPR-compliant data processing
Vouchers or VIP cards for visitors
Incentives for returning visitors through rewards such as extra bonuspoints for bought tickets, vouchers or VIP cards
Optimized communication in the team
Time saving & higher efficiency through optimized communication
Increase in sales through optimized resource planning
Lower personnel costs & optimized resource planning

To whom is idJack useful?

You want to run your event, your location or your company safely & smartly?
Then you have come to the right place with idJack.

From the festival to the club.

And everything that
is in between.

From sports events to museums.

idJack supports at events
idJack supports in museums
idJack supports at public events
idJack supports the gastronomy

What's next?

idJack could also be interesting for your company!

You organize events and you are fed up with sluggish and unfair ticketing? You would like to make changes to events and already bought tickets within seconds? You run a bar or club and want to find out more about your guests? You have no idea who your guests are? You want to know how popular past events were? You organize sport events and have to manage entry for many visitors at the same time? You still having flyers printed and still not reaching your target audience?
We'll show you how idJack can be integrated into your company and how, in combination with point25, you can benefit from it.
Contact us - we will contact you shortly for a non-binding conversation.

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